Worship services

We welcome you to join us for worship each Sunday morning at 9:30 am. All children are invited to join in a special part of each service, and children age 4 and younger are cared for by experienced staff in a play area in our building.

Follow the links below to listen to our worship services. You will quickly learn:

  • the importance of the Bible in our worship,

  • what hymns we love to sing,

  • how our commitment to peace and justice is woven into each service,

  • how our pastor and other preachers call us to apply the Scriptures to our lives today.

For each service, several videos, one audio-only recording and the bulletin are available.

Sept 20 Worship
Part 1

Jake Hess, worship leader

Sermon text: Mark 12:38-44

Sept 20 Worship
Part 2

Tim Stair preacher

Sermon: A story of money gone glad--just generosity

Sept 20 Children's time

Selected for this Sunday's theme of giving and justice.

2020-09-20 0 Bulletin.pdf

Sept 20 Bulletin

Sept 13 Worship
Part 1

Ed Kauffman, worship leader

Sermon text: Luke 12:15-21

Sept 13 Worship
Part 2

Tim Stair, preacher

Sermon: A story of money gone bad

Sept 13 Children's Time

Jan Stair

2020-09-13 0 Bulletin.pdf

Sept 13 Bulletin

Sept 6 Worship
Part 1

Tyler Klassen, worship leader

Sermon text:
Mark 10:17-27

Sept 6 Worship
Part 2

Susannah Larry, preacher

Sermon: Being brave with money

Sept 6 Children's time

Larry Underwood

2020-09-06 0 Bulletin.pdf

Sept 6 Bulletin

August 30 Worship
Part 1

Elya Hess, worship leader

Sermon text:
Matthew 13:44-46

August 30 Worship
Part 2

Jake Hess, preacher

Other speakers: Febri Kristiani, Louise Claassen, Theo Odhiambo

August 30 Worship
Part 3

Pianist, Crystal Underwood
Song leaders: Chris Habegger, Trish Habegger

August 30
Children's time

Jake Hess

August 23 Worship
Part 1

Tim Stair, worship leader

Sermon texts: I Kings 17:1-7, Luke 12:22-24

August 23 Worship
Part 2

Jake Hess, preacher

Theme: The raven--Failure and trust

August 23 Children's time

Elaine Frey

2020-08-23 0 Bulletin.pdf

August 23 Bulletin

August 16 Worship, part 1

Mary Klassen,
worship leader

Sermon texts:
Psalm 84:1-4
Matthew 10:28-31

August 16 Worship, part 2

Tim Stair, preacher

Theme: Consider the birds: How to be fearless sparrows

August 16 Children's time

Beth Suderman and Joyce Odhiambo

2020-08-16 0 Bulletin.pdf

August 16 Bulletin

August 9 Worship, part 1

Sueann VonGunten, worship leader

Sermon texts: Job 39:13-18, I Corinthians 1:26-31

August 9 Worship, part 2

Jake Hess, preacher

Theme: The ostrich: Foolishness and wisdom

Beth Suderman, Pianist

August 9 Children's time

Sueann VonGunten

2020-08-09 0 Bulletin.pdf

August 9 Bulletin

August 2 worship, part 1

Gay Kauffman, worship leader
Tim Stair, preacher
Sermon texts: Is. 40:31, Romans 12:9-21

August 2 worship,
part 2

Tim Stair, preacher

August 2 Children's time

Melanie Quinn

2020-08-02 0 Bulletin.pdf

August 2 Bulletin

July 26 Worship

The July 26 worship service was done by Zoom with three other Mennonite congregations in Elkhart, Ind: Fellowship of Hope, Prairie Street Mennonite Church and Southside Fellowship. The video and audio recordings and order of service are below.

July 19 worship service

Jake Hess, worship leader
Susannah Larry, preacher
Sermon texts: Deut. 32:11-12; Isaiah 40:31

July 19 Children's time

Jan Stair

2020-07-19 0 Bulletin.pdf

July 19 bulletin

July 12 Worship service

Worship leader: Leroy Saner
Preacher: Jake Hess
Texts: Exodus 16:11-13; Numbers 11:18-23; Psalm 105:39-42

July 12 Children's time

Beth Suderman

2020-07-12 0 Bulletin.pdf

July 12 bulletin

July 5 Worship service

Worship leader: Annie Mohr
Preacher: Tim Stair
Texts: Lev. 5:7; Isaiah 59:8-11;
John 1:29-34

July 5 Children's time

Jake Hess

2020-07-05 0 Bulletin.pdf

July 5 bulletin

June 28 worship service

Tim Stair, preacher
Tyler Klassen worship leader
Sermon Text: Genesis 22:1-14

June 28 Children's Time

Jan Stair

2020-06-28 0 Bulletin.pdf

June 28 bulletin

For an audio-only recording, select the file below.