Worship services

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For each service, a video and an audio recording are available. along with the bulletin. 

September 24 Worship

Leroy Saner, worship leader
Conrad Mast, preacher
Crystal Underwood, pianist
Sueann VonGunten, children's time

Scripture: Psalm 136, Romans 8:18-25
Sermon Title: The Glory

2023-09-24 bulletin.pdf

September 24 Bulletin

September 17 Worship

Daniel Nuertey, worship leader
Pratik Bagh, preacher
Eric Vandrick, children's time
Karen Cender, pianist

Scriptures: Genesis 50:15–21; Romans 14:10–12
Sermon title: Do you fear?

2023-09-17 bulletin.pdf

September 17 Bulletin

2023-09-10 bulletin.pdf

September 10 Worship

Our worship service was at Camp Friedenswald at the beginning of our annual congregational retreat. No recording is available.

September 3 Worship

Grace Muhagachi, worship leader
Conrad Mast, preacher
Beth Suderman, pianist
Kathee Kirchner, children's time

Scripture: Psalm 105:1-6,23-26,45b; Matthew 16:21-28
Sermon title: Attitudes

2023-09-03 bulletin.pdf

September 3 Bulletin

August 27 Worship

Leroy Saner, Worship leader
Paul Banchasawan, preacher
Karen Cender, pianist
Beth Suderman, Children's time

Scripture: Matthew 16:13-20
Sermon title: Build Jesus' Church

2023-08-27 bulletin.pdf

August 27 Bulletin

August 20 Worship

Preacher: Doug Luginbill
Worship leader: Jamie Pitts
Pianist: Beth Suderman
Children's time: Sueann VonGunten

Scriptures: Isaiah 56:1-8; Matthew 15:21-28
Sermon title: Dear Jesus

2023-08-20 bulletin.pdf

August 20 Bulletin

August 13 Worship

Janeth Magiri, worship leader
Daniel Nuertey, preacher
Crystal Underwood, pianist
Kathee Kirchner, children's time

Scripture: I Kings 19:9-18, Matthew 14:22-33
Sermon title: God's presence in the storms of life

2023-08-13 bulletin.pdf

August 13 Bulletin

August 6 Worship

Gay Kauffman, worship leader
Pratik Bagh, preacher
Crystal Underwood, pianist
Larry Underwood, children's time

Scriptures: Genesis 32:22-31, Romans 9:1-5
Sermon title: Sports the church must play!

2023-08-06 bulletin.pdf

August 6 Bulletin

July 23 Worship

Trish Habegger, worship leaders
Conrad Mast, guest preacher
Beth Suderman, pianist
Kathee Kirchner, children's time

Scriptures: Psalm 139:4-12,23,23; Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43

Sermon title: Differences and damage

2023-07-23 bulletin.pdf

July 23 Bulletin