COVID-19 response

Hively Avenue Mennonite Church is taking steps to reflect our values of caring for others and community during this uncertain and anxious time.

Why we are taking these steps

We take these steps as a congregation not out of fear of lack of faith, but because of our strong values of caring for others. By not gathering, we focus our attention and care in ways that will strengthen each other and our community. We save scarce medical resources for those who will most need them.

See steps we are taking to care for others as well as ourselves

Worship services

Recordings of worship services will be placed on this website on Saturday afternoons. Follow the link at the left for Worship Services, then select the date. There you will find a linik to A worship recording, a children's time recording and the bulletin.

Creating community

The congregation is invited to gather by Zoom on Sunday mornings to reflect on the sermon and to share prayer and praise requests. Prayer requests also may be sent to the church office.

Check with Hively's deacons--Amanda, Greg, Carol T--to see if there are needs you can help with, such as purchasing groceries for older members or preschool families.

Spaghetti and Scripture for Hively's youth currently is meeting every-other Sunday evening at 7 pm for snacks (not spaghetti), discussion and fellowship.

Prayer Choir will be modified to an at-home approach. Prayer suggestions will be sent by Pastor Tim Stair and people are encouraged to pray at home on Wednesday evenings at 6 pm.

Other gatherings

Other groups of Hively people will not occur unless there is a specific announcement and invitation.

More news

Read Hively Happenings, our monthly newsletter, for information about what's happening in our community and congregation.